Hello, I'm Catherine -- I'm a Recent graduate of the University of Washington, newly minted with a master's degree in Human-Computer Interaction & Design.

the journey

My interests in technology, design, and social psychology are what shaped and evolved my education and professional career. I went to Northwestern University for undergraduate studies where I got a degree in Biological Sciences, with a minor in Psychology. After working for a few years in research labs and clinical settings, I got an additional degree in Computer Science at the University of Maryland in order to further pursue my interests in designing emerging technologies. While I was there, I got involved with accessibility research and became fascinated with the field of Human-Computer Interaction since it was a perfect crossroads of my multi-disciplinary interests.

I recently graduated in the MCHI+D program at the UW, where I worked to build up a foundation in design thinking, as well as to hone my skills in prototyping in order to create new or better technologies and interactive experiences.

Tech Interests

I like to people-watch and get excited over things such as storytelling, logic puzzles, and dreaming up immersive virtual worlds. Some topics in HCI that interest me include (but are not limited to): the internet of things, the interaction between emotion and technology, wearables and fabrication, biomimicry, data visualization, AR and VR experiences, the future of education, and social experiences online.

Design Philosophy

I gravitate towards designs that harbor both simplicity and an element of delight.




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